Waters Break Rocks

“Waters break rocks” is a part of ongoing “Elements” project- my artistic attempt to explore untamed forces of nature underlying life of a human being.




It is an imaginative journey into space where corporeal life of human being intertwine with the ominous energy of pure wild forces and unspoken instincts. I pursue to observe or rather to feel what stands beyond its enthralling physicality – its inner dormant volcanoes and subterranean waters, its energy of growth and its resilience to outer forces but also a drive of every living creature to its inevitable death.


Our bodies are decaying every second and we are all on a one-way journey.
But great circle of transformation knows no end.





14×19.5 cm, 36 pages + cover, manually stitched, edition 100, all copies are signed and numbered, self-published
20eur, regular shipping by Russian Mail included, takes about 2 weeks to Europe/
to get a copy: annablock at yandex.ru