Surfaces New Prints

26×17.5cm +2cm margins, Hahnemühle Photo Rag, edition 12 (three prints have edition 60), signed/numbered

20 eur each (18 eur each when buying two or more), regular shipping incl


27×18cm + 1,5cm margins, edition 30, Hahnemühle Photo Rag

35eur (regular shipping included)

Red (Untitled)


Red velvet cover – this is very touchable…
13×18cm, 44pages, indigo print
manually stitched/signed/numbered, edition 60 copies
self-published in Moscow

20eur including regular shipping (please check out my other publications and get a discount when buying a few)

Contact me annablock ()

Silver Nude

Gelatin silver print on Soviet super thin barita semi-gloss paper. The process is based on “slow development” method: paper is developed in exhausted and diluted developer for about 6-8 hours. Then fixed and rinsed as usual. As a result the print looks as if covered with silver (a bit tricky to take a picture of it). Printed in 2009. Edition 1, size about A4.
For more information and purchase details please contact me annablock()




Night Light


This print is up for sale
36×24cm (+0,5cm margins)
edition 3
Hahnemühle FineArt Baryta
60 eur shipping included

New prints up for sale

Size 16×24cm (+0,5cm margins)
Edition 3
Hahnemühle FineArt Baryta
25eur each
80eur set of 5
shipping included



my work in BKN#4

Honoured to have my work featured in BKN “Intimacy” issue





Violet INNER VISIONS is a periodic collective publication showcasing Russian artists whose work is largely informed by their subjective, unrestricted and emotional perception. This first issue presents Nikita Khalkin, Katherina Sadovsky and Andrey Krapivin who relentlessly yet with a certain subtlety address issues that are usually tabooed as blasphemous, pornographic and morbid. Authors are featured in a stream where their separate series are united in one visual river of dreams, fears and desires.
Violet INNER VISIONS is raw, eclectic and a bit mystical.
Curated and edited by Anna Block.
Printrun 40 copies, each copy is signed by all artists and contains a fine art limited edition print by Andrey Krapivin.


52 pages
paper Biotop 120gsm
cover Keaykol Original Black 300gsm + mirror fragment
inlaid limited edition print by Andrey Krapivin 12×18cm HP Matte Litho-Realistic paper 296gsm
all copies and a print are numbered and signed by authors and Anna Block
40 copies (+ 4 authors` copies)
manually stitched

price 30eur (36eur with tracked shipping)
to order annablock (at)


Fiery Moon self-portraits prints up for sale

edition 6
print size 12х18cm (image size 11×17 cm)
paper Hahnemühle Photo Rag Ultra Smooth 305gsm
25 eur shipping incl
all set of five is 100eur

Last Days of Snow

only few copies left

please visit Fotodepartament St Petersburg shop

new prints up for sale

from “Birds of Passage” and “Silver Dusk”
edition 6
print size 24х17cm (plus 5mm margins)
Hahnemühle Photo Rag Ultra Smooth 305gsm
45 eur shipping incl

first photobook exhibition in Myanmar

My Waters Brake Rocks is part of “Raving madness / Coming home” exhibition, till the 3rd of September at Myanmar Deitta.

Curated by Calin Cruse

Der Greif Anniversary issue

glad to have my picture published in a wonderful Jubilee-Issue #10

some old nude pieces

Archival ink jet print HP Matte Litho-Realistic paper 296gsm, 17×25cm, edition 50
25 euro shipping included (20 for zine owners)

Notebooks for sale


appr A5
40  pages
cover: 270g Litho Realistic Matt
inside: 4 pages tracing paper, 36 pages Olin Rough High White 100g
manually stitched

Pay what you want
To order: annablock(at)






my work in Teeth UK

published in Teeth Mag

Internal Inferno issue

Unusual company

Check it out

Shifting Focus Photobook Market Berlin

Newly published LAST DAYS OF SNOW with my friend Anastasia Lobanova as well as my previous zine
will be available at Shifting Focus Photobook Market Berlin 22-24 July.


Please check it out at Zoopark Publishing table + of course more interesting stuff from Russia.

MA final show at Galerie Emila Filly Czech Republic


featured in GUP

Waters Break Rocks

“Waters break rocks” is a part of ongoing “Elements” project- my artistic attempt to explore untamed forces of nature underlying life of a human being.




It is an imaginative journey into space where corporeal life of human being intertwine with the ominous energy of pure wild forces and unspoken instincts. I pursue to observe or rather to feel what stands beyond its enthralling physicality – its inner dormant volcanoes and subterranean waters, its energy of growth and its resilience to outer forces but also a drive of every living creature to its inevitable death.


Our bodies are decaying every second and we are all on a one-way journey.
But great circle of transformation knows no end.





14×19.5 cm, 36 pages + cover, manually stitched, edition 100, all copies are signed and numbered, self-published
20eur, regular shipping by Russian Mail included, takes about 2 weeks to Europe/
to get a copy: annablock at

some of my work online

Dioniso Punk


My Mirrors project was exhibited at Photovisa festival in Krasnodar.

Black Box

For my final summer semester exhibition at Jan Evangelista Purkine University I performed “Artist in the Box” piece. During a week every day for 5 hours non-stop I was standing in a light-proof booth sized 1×1 meter and 2 meters high. The booth was placed in a university gallery space open for public.

Instruction read “There is an artist in the booth. Only one person at a time can enter the booth. After entering the booth lock the door inside. You can do what you wish and stay inside as long as you want. There is no audio or video documentation of what happens inside the booth”

Beyond Verbal

Beyond verbal” is a 70 minutes video recording an action of communication between two people (me and invited participant) who don`t speak the same language. They have never seen each other before they meet for the first time in front of the camera. Each of them speak their native language (Russian and Portuguese) which can`t be literally understood by another person. Trying this interaction they place themselves in experimental area of no set rules and no expectations of a definite result.